About Us

Both Founders, Dariusz and Mark, are very well established and extremely passionate about the hospitality industry.

Through hard work and team work, they have built three award-winning sites situated in and around Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire – The Castle at Edgehill, The Sun Inn at Hook Norton and The Red Lion at Hellidon. One of these iconic sites, The Castle at Edgehill, is now a well-established wedding venue and having won accolades year in and year out, this magnificent venue is undoubtedly enjoyed by many.

With Dariusz running the day-to-day operations and Mark taking care of the business end, they have grown an exciting and expanding pub company, Free Spirit Pubs (www.freespiritpubs.co.uk [1]).

Hospitality has recently experienced a reduction in the number of new, hungry people wanting to enter the industry. For this reason, Dariusz and Mark devised a plan to recruit from further afield, bringing in Eastern European workers to help supply Free Spirit Pubs’ growing demand for staff. Using Dariusz’s connections in the City of Poznan, we built a simple website in both Polish and English and started advertising through various channels and across different social media platforms.

The response we have received from our efforts was greater than we anticipated and we were inundated with applications. However, the vast number of people applying were from different industries, including Production, Assembly, Warehouse, Driving and Office Support. As such, we decided to approach long-time friends Andy and Carla, who own a very successful recruitment agency in Oxfordshire – Mayday Employment (www.maydayemployment.co.uk [2]). Together, we put a structure in place to grow this small seed of an idea into a smooth process for bringing European candidates to the UK.

Supporting candidates with airport pick-ups, introductions to local landlords for accommodation and sourcing jobs, we want to help make the transition as easy and enjoyable as possible.

What can we offer?

* We can help employers find candidates that other agencies can’t, candidates suitable for a number of different roles.

* Better value than other recruitment agencies

* Working in partnership with employers and job seekers to ensure the right placement is made with minimum fuss

* Ensure transparency and fairness as well as being helpful and honest at all times


Contact Us
mail: info@way2go2.co.uk
phone: +44 7852 122895